Collection: Hands-Free Wine Glass

The hands-free wine glass is a cool solution for connoisseurs who can no longer use their hands to hold a glass safely due to illness or an accident. The wine glass allows you to fully enjoy the aromas of the drink without swirling it. The stand helps you to present the glass correctly.

The Hands-Free Wine Glass

Until now, a wine enthusiast who cannot hold his glass due to a disability has had to resort to solutions that would send shivers down the spine of any wine connoisseur.

Fine Barolo with a straw? Not possible!
Thanks to the Hands-Free wine glass from petertools, this problem is solved.

The hands-free wine glass is suitable for red and white wines as well as all other drinks. The closed design brings out the aromas of the wines even without swirling the glass.

The Hands-Free wine glass was developed in close collaboration with Reto Zünd from the event glassblowing workshop in the Twannbach Gorge on Lake Biel.

  • The history

    Manuel Arn suffers from an illness that severely limits his mobility. Holding a glass, bringing it to his mouth, smelling it, drinking it - impossible. So Daniel Peter, together with a glassblower, developed a wine glass that can be hung on a stand. It is closed at the top so that the odor molecules can collect. They are guided to the nose through an opening, and the drink is taken from a fine glass tube.

  • The feedback

    "The glass does the job it was designed for perfectly," says Manuel Arn, "but it goes far beyond that! For me it has an emotional aspect, it means a bit of freedom!" The glass is also much more robust than it seems, has a good capacity, is of course also suitable for other drinks and looks very classy.
    "I'm excited!"

  • The details

    The Hands-Free wine glass is mouth-blown. It is made of crystal glass and is dishwasher-safe. The matching stand consists of a 5 kg base, a flexible gooseneck and a special clamp that holds the wine glass in position. The stand is made in a workshop for cognitively disabled people.

Moments of pleasure for people with swallowing difficulties

In June 2023, the "Genussmomente" event took place for the first time. People with swallowing disorders were invited to Karlsruhe to spend an evening in the wonderful atmosphere of the Kesselhaus. The event was initiated by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Duchac from the SRH University of Health, supported by BKK Pfalz.

The production of the Hands-Free wine glass by Reto Zünd

The wine professional*
Wine is Daniel Peter's great hobby. He has been working intensively with wine for over 30 years and also advises restaurants. Daniel has a Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the WSET in London.