Mobility consulting

Mobility is one of the key criteria for people with disabilities to live independently and in interaction with society. In today's society, people who cannot be mobile are quickly forgotten and their needs are ignored. That is why it is so important that people with disabilities are present in society, not as beings in need of help but as equal members of society. Mobility is the be-all and end-all.

Daniel at full speed on his Genny

On two wheels

I have been using the self-balancing wheelchair Genny for over 10 years. This cool vehicle has opened up a world that was previously completely unknown to me. I always say "Genny replaces my legs". The maneuverability is indescribable, the independence phenomenal and my radius of life has taken a quantum leap.

I am excited and enjoying this new freedom and would like to help you discover this world for yourself.

Paolo Badano with Segway inventor Dean Kamen

From Segway to the coolest wheelchair

When the Segway Personal Transporter came onto the market in 2001, the world was excited, but there was never a really useful application that could prevail.

That only changed with the first Segway-based wheelchair. For me, this is the only really useful application for the single-axle vehicle.

Although the Segway is no longer produced, the technology has become established in single-axle wheelchair construction.

The selection is getting bigger and bigger

There are now almost a dozen self-balancing wheelchair models. Some models are based on the original Segway, others have developed their own drive and balance system.

The Segway-inspired control via the upper body is not suitable for all users, be it due to a lack of core stability or physical insecurity. For this reason, many of the newer vehicles can be controlled using a joystick and therefore appeal to a larger customer base.

My offer

Ten years on two wheels have taught me that many different aspects must be considered in order to find the right vehicle for each person.

I will help you with my comprehensive advice tailored to you and your life situation. I can also support you with your insurance and IV applications.

About Daniel Peter

I have never shied away from challenges. Interested and curious as I am, I am always on the trail of the solution; the problem is just the invitation to take action. With “ – Missing links for an easier life” I develop, produce and sell products and tools that solve problems, make life easier and are cool.

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