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The question of accessibility is part of every innovation process, not at some point but right at the beginning. If it is forgotten or included too late, implementation quickly becomes very complex and expensive or it is canceled altogether. A current example is the development of the charging network for e-mobility: No one has thought about how people in wheelchairs, with muscular diseases or even older and weaker people can use it. Adapting this retrospectively will be very expensive!


Inclusion means that people with disabilities no longer have to adapt their lives to existing structures. Rather, society is called upon to create structures that enable everyone to be an active and integrated part of society.

Where, if not in innovation processes, can inclusion be integrated and implemented?


Every innovation touches on the issue of accessibility somewhere. If this is not taken into account at the right time, new infrastructures, products or services may not meet the accessibility criteria for people with disabilities.

In this case, these innovations fail to fulfil an important part of their purpose and exclude people from using them. To prevent this, inclusion must be part of every innovation process.

The right questions at the right time

I have been driving electric cars for many years. The charging infrastructure that was created in Switzerland at great expense and with subsidies is a good example of what happens when disabled people are not taken into account. The infrastructure is practically unusable for wheelchair users and most other people with disabilities.

If accessibility had been a criterion that had to be met, such a catastrophe would not have happened.

Therefore, ask the right questions about inclusion at the beginning, then it will work and save a lot of money.

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I use my personal experience to help shape the innovation process so that the result is inclusive and sustainable.

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