The only problem is the call to action

I have never shied away from challenges. Interested and curious as I am, I am always on the trail of the solution; the problem is just the invitation to take action. With “ – Missing links for an easier life” I develop, produce and sell products and tools that solve problems, make life easier and are cool.


Daniel Peter

With his company petertools , Daniel Peter, himself physically disabled, has specialized in the manufacture of everyday objects that make life easier for physically disabled people. The One-Hand Lace is one such product, developed and produced together with the German producer Barthels-Feldhoff from Wuppertal.

My second mainstay is consulting in the areas of inclusion, innovation and mobility, and I can also offer a lot related to my hobby, wine.

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The footboard F1 was the beginning of Missing links for an easier life

In the summer of 2017, I planned a vacation in Andalusia with my wife Angela. We wanted to visit Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada and other beautiful cities. Anyone who knows these cities knows that their cobblestones are a torture for wheelchair users. I got myself a FreeWheel even though I knew that it couldn't be mounted on my folding wheelchair. So I developed a footboard with a friend that was strong enough to hold the FreeWheel.

The old towns in Spain were no longer a hurdle and with the experience from this trip I was able to develop the footboard to the point where it is now ready for the market. Interested wheelchair users in Switzerland, Germany and overseas have encouraged me to now produce it in series. It is now being manufactured in the mechanical workshop of the Dammweg Foundation in Biel, a work and living institution for cognitively impaired people.

Petertools supports the Give children a hand foundation of Michel Fornasier

Michel Fornasier was born with only one hand and is now using his prosthesis as the superhero Bionicman to "unblock" the world together with other people affected, as he says. The One-Hand Lace convinced him the first time he wore it. "Daniel Peter has succeeded in creating some great innovations that fit exactly with my concept: these are tools that will help many people to unblock themselves! These innovative products mean a bit of independence for me."

A contribution from the sale of the petertools One-Hand Lace goes to Michel Fornasier's Give Children a Hand foundation. "We want to help children with disabilities to be able to move better in life. With our "hand prosthesis" project, we are helping young people to have a better life. The prostheses are manufactured on state-of-the-art 3D printers and give the young wearers unimagined new possibilities."