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The backpacks designed by iNDiZ in Basel are extremely practical, well made and have many functions. They are manufactured in a small sewing studio in Vietnam under fair conditions.

The inDiZ backpacks with their various storage compartments are also suitable for wheelchair users. The length of the back is important when choosing the right backpack so that it does not touch the ground.

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Backpacks for wheelchairs & rollators

Wheelchair backpacks - comfortable and practical companions for your wheelchair

Our wheelchair backpacks are the perfect companions for your wheelchair and offer you a combination of comfort and functionality. At you will find a wide selection of backpacks that have been specially developed for the needs of wheelchair users.

Backpack for the wheelchair - functional design for your mobile everyday life

A wheelchair backpack should not only be functional, but also comfortable and durable. Our backpacks offer you just that. With a well-thought-out design and high-quality materials, they allow you to transport your personal items safely and comfortably while remaining mobile.

Wheelchair backpacks in different sizes - Find your ideal companion

Our wheelchair backpacks are available in different sizes to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need a small backpack for short trips or a larger backpack for longer tours - with us you will find the perfect companion for your mobile everyday life. The ergonomic carrying straps and the adjustable belt system ensure a pleasant wearing comfort and an individual adjustment to your body.

Backpack for wheelchair & rollator - Practical accessories for on the go

Our wheelchair backpacks not only offer sufficient storage space, but also practical accessories to adapt and secure your equipment even better. From rain covers that protect your belongings in bad weather to hip belts and tension straps that provide additional support and comfort - at you will find everything you need for your mobile everyday life.

Discover our selection of wheelchair backpacks and find the perfect companion that meets your needs and makes your everyday life easier. We value high-quality materials, careful workmanship and a well-thought-out design so that you can concentrate on your mobility while your personal belongings are safely stowed away.